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AWE Touring Edition Exhaust for Audi C8 S6/S7
AWE Touring Edition Exhaust for Audi C8 S6/S7
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AWE Touring Edition Exhaust for Audi C8 S6/S7

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Touring Edition:

A true dual 3” T304L stainless steel configuration featuring a bespoke, straight-through center resonator specific for the 2.9TT, and topped off with AWE’s proprietary drone-canceling solution, 180 Technology®, in the rear.

The result is a menacing, aggressive soundtrack throughout the range with a drone-free cabin experience under cruising conditions. This exhaust resides at the intersection of exotic aggression and highway comfort for the S6/S7.

Perfect tone, compliments of AWE 180 Technology®.

As exhaust gasses exit the 2.9TT engine and flow into an AWE 180 Technology® equipped resonator, they pass through strategically located ports, and into reflection chambers. Sound waves, carried by these exhaust gasses, bounce off the walls of the reflection chambers. By controlling the size and location of the ports and the chambers, we also control when the sound waves exit the chambers. The specific timing of when the reflected sound waves rejoin the main exhaust flow creates a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree out-of-phase sound wave that cancels out problematic frequencies. Call it science, call it magic, or call it 180 Technology® by AWE. 

Track Edition:

If raw and rowdy are your speed, the Track Edition is your dose of steel. The Track Edition Exhaust retains all the precision engineering of the Touring Edition Exhaust, including the straight-through center resonator and dual 3” diameter tubing, minus the 180 Technology® resonators in the rear. Please note: this version is known to get rowdy in the mid-range and during cruising speeds, and may be too much for many. For that reason, this particular version cannot be returned due to sound preference. Prepare yourself.

Upgrade options:

Looking to crank it up or turn it down? No problem. We have conversion kits to allow you to do just that. Turn your Touring Edition into a Track Edition, or vice versa, with ease.

Tip options:

AWE Touring and Track Editions come standard with quad 4.5” double-walled, slash-cut tips available in chrome silver or diamond black.

What’s in the box?

Complete AWE Touring or Track Edition Exhaust, AWE valve simulators, four slash-cut tips in chosen finish, electronic valve simulators, and all required hardware for installation.

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Dyno Tests: AWE Exhaust for the C8 Audi S6/S7 2.9TT

Below are comparison dyno tests as performed on our Mustang MD-500-SE AWD dyno.

Wheel horsepower gains for the AWE Touring Edition Catback Exhaust for the C8 Audi S6/S7 2.9TT

C8 Audi S6/S7 Dyno