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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, APR CATBACK EXHAUST SYSTEM - 911 (992) 3.0T/3.7T
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, APR CATBACK EXHAUST SYSTEM - 911 (992) 3.0T/3.7T
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, APR CATBACK EXHAUST SYSTEM - 911 (992) 3.0T/3.7T


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APR premium catback exhaust system for the Porsche 911 (992) is a full T304 stainless steel system with quad exits. It features dual 3" & 2" exhaust paths that creates an exhaust note that's sure to turn heads! The cross sectional area on the non-valved paths are 66% larger than stock, and the valved paths are 19% larger. Yet despite this, the system weighs 37% lighter than the upgrade Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE)! The short valved paths let the system scream at wide open throttle with minimal backpressure and maximum exhaust velocity through the system, which is exactly what a turbocharged engine wants. And when cruising, the valves close, allowing the system to act civilized with enough growl to let you know it's there. Of course everything in the system is high quality. All tubing is brushed T304 stainless steel with mandrel bends and TIG welding throughout. The exhaust valves are cast and feature premium components. The mounting brackets are CNC-bent and CNC-laser cut for a precision fit. All this makes for a premium system that's simple to install, is larger than stock, weighs less than stock, and sounds amazing in every scenario.


  • Full T304 stainless steel catback exhaust system
  • Direct plug and play upgrade fitting both base and PSE equipped vehicles
  • Dual exhaust valves for sound and drone elimination
  • Drone eliminating muffler
  • Short valved paths for minimal backpressure and maximum exhaust velocity
  • 37% lighter (10 LBS) than the factory PSE (27 LBS PSE vs 17 LBS APR)
  • 3” dual valved paths and 2” dual non-valved paths
  • Cross-sectional areas is 19% larger on the valved paths compared to stock (2.75” PSE vs 3.0” APR)
  • Cross-sectional areas is 66% larger on the non- valved paths compared to stock (1.55” PSE vs 2.0” APR)
  • CNC-mandrel bent tubing with a brushed finish
  • TIG Welding throughout
  • CNC-bent and CNC-laser cut precision bracketry
  • Cast T304 stainless steel valve housings with ECU factory valve actuation
  • Single piece design makes install simple with only 2 clamps and 2 mounting features
  • Emissions compliant


The factory Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) is a large suitcase style muffler with valves and quad exit pipes. This system is fairly similar to the base system, but has a few upgrades, including larger factory piping. The PSE has 2.75” valved exhaust pipes, and 1.55” non-valved pipes and weighs in at 27 lbs. The APR system eliminates the large suitcase muffler and creates a short and simple path for non-valved exhaust path. In our testing, this routing gave the system the least amount of back pressure and highest exhaust velocity, compared to an x-pipe style setup. Lowering back pressure is ideal for power delivery and lowering exhaust temperature on turbocharged vehicles, and thus was a critical design criteria when developing the system. When the valves are closed under light use, the exhaust gasses are routed through a small muffler that eliminates drone and reduces sound volume. All piping was upgraded in size. The cross sectional area of the non-valved path was increased 66% increasing diameter from 1.55” stock, to 2”. The valved path was increased 19% by increasing diameter from 2.75” to 3”. Despite being larger, the APR system weights 37% lighter by reducing the system 10 LBS by reducing the system from 27 LBS stock, to 17 LBS.


The muffler is responsible for tuning the exhaust note and doing so without adding unnecessary restrictions to the system. The unit features a straight-through perforated tube that’s tightly wrapped with stainless steel and fiberglass material. The muffler has a beautiful brushed finish with the classic APR design and logo.


Our system features two valves that allow controlling sound volume in various scenarios via the factory valve actuators. In doing so, the system goes from tame to aggressive instantly! Unlike pneumatic systems, and other common valves found on the market today, our system maintains identical Oem operation all the way down to the factory valve actuation angles. We cast the valve housings out of T304 stainless-steel. Internally the system uses CNC-machined T303 components and bronze brushings, which have stood up to our extreme torture testing. All necessary hardware is welded into place and is designed to combat heat and vibration for years to come.


Our brackets ensure a strong and precise fit, every time. With our design, you’ll never need to worry about the brackets sagging and losing their shape over time, or the post slipping out of the hangers. The brackets are rigid, exact in their position, fit snugly in place and are made to stand the test of time.


We use T304 stainless steel tubing throughout that’s brushed for a clean finish, with mandrel bends. We TIG weld all welds for a strong and accurate weld. Furthermore, the system incorporates double slip fits for expansion and contraction for use of use without failure.


Our system is plug and play with both base and PSE systems and systems exists for both the 3.0T and 3.7T turbocharged engines. Both systems are functionally identical and have slight changes to properly fit each platform. All connection points are natural and smooth for direct plug and play compatibility with all factory location exhaust tip styles, and with both factory or race catalysts on race cars.