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4.0T 400mm front rotor pair C7/D4 Audi

4.0T 400mm front rotor pair C7/D4 Audi

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AUDI 4.0T 400mm front rotors

4H0 615 301AL, Brake Disc

VNE Automotive High Carbon UV Coated Brake Disc

These brake discs are considered classics, due to their high temperature resistive coating, they offer a reliable anti-corrosion protection. Besides our coated brake discs, we offer a range of high carbon brake discs. These additionally high carbonated and coated brake discs show a higher carbon component. Due to a higher thermal stability, high carbon-discs resist deformation and lead to a lower vibration during braking.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extended lifespan -> minimal wear rate
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Reduction in brake dust (particulate emission)
  • Robust durability
  • Slow wear rate

VNE Automotive

VNE Automotive offers a dynamically growing range of original equipment spare parts, specializing in European as well as Asian vehicle applications. Our core competencies are in brake technology, electronics, engine management, transmission, and lighting.