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4.0 TFSI Direct Fit MAP Sensors KyleTunedit

4.0 TFSI Direct Fit MAP Sensors KyleTunedit

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These are the sensors you need to properly run higher boost on the Audi 4.0 TFSI engine. The full range of vacuum is measured to ensure a flawless ride, unlike other sensors available.
These feature an automotive-rated absolute pressure sensor with temperature-compensated ratiometric output and built-in filtering to provide <1% accuracy over the entire sensor range. Plug and Play installation, no wiring or adapters needed.
These sensors are made in the USA in house at KYLETUNEDIT, not in China like the other companies! We provide a lifetime warranty on these sensors.

Please specify 4 or 5 bar sensors before adding to cart.

The kit includes:
(3) Manifold Boost Pressure/Air Pressure Sensors
Custom ECU/DME tuning is required for this product. 4 bar sensors will work with any factory ECU tuning or DS1, 5 bar sensors REQUIRE DS1 due to the code patch for the MAP sensor scaling.

Sensor datasheets:
4 Bar KT0025
5 Bar KT0030